alde zaharreko erraldoiak gigantes casco viejo


The aforementioned group was founded in 2001, as a Youth and Cultural Non-profit Organization. Nowadays, people who carry the giant figures, those who carry the kilikis1 and musicians are part of the group. We have four giant figures that are more than four metres tall. They symbolize the four elements of nature: Land, Fire, Water and Wind. Four kilikis usually go with the giant figures; they are called: Napoleón, Payaso (“Clown”), Pamplonica (“Pamplona's citizen”) and Demonio (“Devil”).

That is what we usually do: our giant figures dance their old dances to the rhythm of the traditional music. Children enjoy their time teasing the kilikis and running. A two-headed flute band gives the show a special atmosphere. Everybody can enjoy the show.

1 A person wearing an outfit consisting of a funny, big head. They run after children trying to frighten them.


Aldapa 3, 31001 Iruñea-Nafarroa
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